1/4 cup all purpose Flour
1 package of Yeast ( 8g) + 1 tbsp. Sugar
2 tsp. salt

1 tbsp. olive Oil
1/2 cup warm Water
2 tsp. Corn starch 


Pour the warm water into the bowl of the
stand mixer, add the yeast and sugar. Now let it foam for 10 min. Next in a separate bowl lightly whisk the flour, salt, cornstarch and olive oil. Add the dry to the wet in portions while the machine is running at a low speed. When the dough is completely kneaded (around 7min), apply cooking spray or rub oil into a bowl and place the dough inside, cover it with plastic wrap and wait minimum 45 min.

when its ready you can roll it out and use any of your favorite toppings.

Best of Luck




    December 2013